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My real estate blog is a little different; I mix personal and professional house hunting stories with neighborhood adventures, and the occasional kitty pic. I'm a licensed Georgia REALTOR®. Contact me if you're looking for a creative space.

What You Don’t Know About a Home

When you’re house hunting you walk through Open Houses or see listings with your Realtor. You have access to all the rooms and you may mentally note paint colors, and flooring, and flow; but to help prospective buyers envision the house as their own, the spaces are usually de-personalized so they look like a Crate […]

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Balancing Features, Price, and Having it All

For the last two years I’ve been driving an Infiniti sedan, loaded with luxury features. I didn’t realize just how “nice” it was until last month. That’s when my lease ended and I got a great big dose of sticker shock. Leasing the car was similar to renting an apartment where you may get lots […]

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City of Atlanta Property Taxes vs Unincorporated Dekalb vs City of Decatur

I’m working with a client who has asked me to only show him properties outside the City of Atlanta, and specifically in unincorporated Dekalb.  I wasn’t sure exactly where all the City of Atlanta demarcations were, so I found a map online.  Here it is: I immediately noticed that the city looks like an unhappy […]

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House Stalking

My friends, Steve and Lisa, had a favorite house in the neighborhood next to theirs.  It was right down the street from a friend’s house, and they drove by it often.  They already had a great family home that was fine for them, their two kids, two dogs, and cat.  But it wasn’t their dream […]

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My Guidelines for Great Neighborhoods, and Why I’m Disappointed by What’s Developing Around the Beltline Westside Trail

I want to state upfront that this is an opinion piece.  It does not reflect the views of my brokerage.  It does reflect upon what I experienced last Saturday when I participated in the Invest Atlanta and Atlanta Beltline Westside Trail Open House Walking Tour, which showcased affordable housing options in Adair Park, Capitol View, […]

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